Welcome to The Toner Guy ® website to learn more about all the products and services we offer. We pride ourselves in providing local businesses with all of their laser printer equipment, parts, supplies and service, repair, and maintenance.  We specialize in remanufacturing laser toner cartridges with 100% product backed gurrantee. We also carry a large variety of laser printers available for sale and offer advisement on the type of printer a business should operate based on price, volume/usage, page yields, toner cartridges and other important factors. We also specialize in Laser Printer Repair & Maintenance to extend the life of your printers. Our mission is to provide high quality, unmatched customer service, along with saving businesses money by up to 40% of normal retail prices by using our products and services. Our green-friendly program re-purchases and sells empty, filled and/or sealed laser toner cartridges to be remanufactured, tested and sold as we try our best to protect as many landfills as possible. The difference between remanufacturing versus refill is that we actually remanufacture all the parts necessary to be able to offer 100% guarantee of our laser toner cartridges. Refilling the toner does not actually test and replace all the parts necessary to ensure a long lasting toner cartridge. We also offer for sale, parts and components of laser printers and laser printer toner cartridges for those working in the same industry. We retail our products directly to businesses. We also have a wholesale department available to dealers, brokers, retailers, office supplies & electronic outlets, and printer & computer repair companies interested in selling our products to their customers.


The Toner Guy ® now a trademark, was rebranded and reborn in 2010 after years of working under the name of Peguilla Repair since 2006.  We focused our attention on rebuilding a bigger and better company starting with a stronger mission, new location, and a new name, The Toner Guy which is the nick name many of the customers call the representatives and so the name stuck.  The principle of The Toner Guy started in the toner industry back in 1999 by working for a toner manufacturing company and developing the specific strategies and techniques of remanufacturing laser toner cartridges with the agreement that after years of dedication, the employee would branch off on their own and hence the business was born.  The Toner Guy took all of the best practices and gain learning experiences to make a better system to create higher quality products at better prices. 

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